Digital Classroom

ProFuturo educates teachers, develops educational contents in digital format, goes to the different places to provide technological devices and teach how they function to school principals and staff, and offers quality education to children from developing countries so they have the same knowledge in the future as any other child from a developed country and can develop their skills and competencies to have the same personal and professional opportunities.


Technological Equipment

ProFuturo brings satellite-connected tablets to all places, which can be recharged through solar wafers so every corner of the world can have their own digital classroom.


8 hours of
autonomy power


Wheels that facilitate its transportation


All the equipment is stored and protected


Not need connectivity for use in the classroom

Computer for the teacher

It is also a server,
where the contents
and the platform are hosted

for the students

30, 40 or 48 tablets for student learning
+ Charging Hub.

Wi-Fi Router

It generates a Wi-Fi network that makes the connection between the tablets and the computer possible.
This way, the students have access to the contents and their progress can be registered.

Other devices.

Projector and complements.
Recovery Kit. It allows for installing the Weclass application on the tablet in case it gets deleted.

Power strip. It is prepared to resist changes in voltage


ProFuturo brings satellite-connected tablets to places where communication does not exist, which can be recharged through solar wafers so every corner of the world can have their own digital classroom.

Learning Platform

A platform adapted so that teachers can access
to curricular content, customized educational programs and educate each student personally as well as track them individually to achieve the best out of each student.

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Learning Contents

ProFuturo has a repository of content and digital activities, complementary to the educational curriculum, activities based on competencies, values and skills that promote a comprehensive training based on the literacy and training for social and productive life.

Learning contents cover training content and skills that will improve the lives and opportunities of children in these countries.

  • oral expression
  • Written expression
  • Reading comprehension
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Technology
Values and skills
  • Citizenship
  • Principles of healthy living
  • Ways of thinking and acting


Integrate the different
experiences and learnings,
in order to produce
significant learning

Learning by doing

Increase in motivation
and improves the acquisition of
skills and values

Development of
Values and

concepts + attitudes +


Communication consistent with
the contents, requiring
student care for
the advance

Universal content

Basic knowledge
Universal values

Topics are divided into four difficulty levels, which cover the main curricular content addressed in primary schooling..

Attention to NEE-specific content

Each of these levels is composed of educational units which increase in difficulty as we progress level (Basic, medium, advanced and expert). In addition, it is expected the development of specific contents meet special educational needs and learning difficulties.

Training and accompaniment of the teacher

So the ProFuturo project to be successful it is essential that teachers are the best educators and know perfectly all the digital tools as well as the contents so that they can teach students. For this reason, ProFuturo form and accompanies the teachers and directors of Center to teach the performance of the tools and methodologies and empower them so that they transmit to the students knowledge of quality as well as give them a customized training and individual follow-up according to your level, your profile, abilities and needs.

The initial training which ProFuturo aims to prepare and support local coordinators, directors of educational centres and teachers for the implementation of Project. Id est, train them in the use of the equipment, the platform, the contents and didactic methods.

In addition, each country has two local project coordinators (one with a pedagogical profile and another, with a technical profile) which are daily with teachers and principals and which are responsible for ensuring the proper use of the platform, technical and pedagogical support and facilitate activity report and updating of new versions of the platform and its contents.


Able to resolve incidents
on a first level and
impart training continues.


Promoters of the project within the school.


Carriers of ilusion with the found project and the benefits of its use for the learning of their students.




Teaching methodology


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